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Plan No. 842
A New Guaranteed Pension Plan for Senior Citizens
  • This plan is Exclusively Designed for Senior Citizens
  • Guaranteed Pension offered by Govt. of India
  • Pension starts Immediately
  • Pension can be opted through Yearly, Half Yearly, Quarterly and Monthly mode
  • Life Cover equivalent to Purchase Price
  • Loan is Available after completion of 3 Years
  • Guaranteed Maturity at the end of the Term
  • Option of Premature Exit in case of any Critical Illness
  • This Plan is exempted from Service Tax
Eligibility Criteria
Min. Max.
Age 60 Years (Completed) No Limit
Term 10 Years 10 Years
Pension Rs.1000 Monthly
Rs.3000 Quarterly
Rs. 6000 Half-Yearly
Rs.12,000 Yearly
Rs.10000 Monthly
Rs.30000 Quarterly
Rs.60000 Half-Yearly
Rs.1,20,000 Yearly
Pension Modes Available Yearly, Half-yearly, Quarterly & Monthly