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Plan No. 816
  • Convenience: One time investment – Single Premium Plan.
  • Maturity Benefit:
    • Single premium paid along with Loyalty Addition Less Taxes and Extra Premium, if any.
  • Death Claim Benefit:
    • First 5 years: Sum Assured shall be payable.
    • After Completion of 5 years: Sum Assured And Loyalty Additions, if any shall be payable.
  • Liquidity: Loan facility available after completion of 1 policy year.
Eligibility Criteria
Min. Max.
Age 15 75
Term 9 15
Sum Term/9 – 35000, Term/12 – 50000, Term/15 – 70000 No limit
( SA shall be in multiple of Rs. 5000)
Premium Modes Single
Yearly Premium For 1000000 Sum Assured
Age 09 Years 12 Years 15 Years
25 707440 725680 734073
30 708170 726670 735300
35 709970 728830 737960
40 713560 733060 742760