Product Information
Retirement Plans HDFC Life Assured Pension Plan
"HDFC Life Assured Pension Plan – ULIP" is a Unit Linked Plan that offers you market linked returns, with Loyalty additions and helps you achieve your retirement goals by planning well in advance.


  • Secure your retirement with assured vesting benefit and also gain from upside in the market
  • Loyalty additions in the form of Pension Multipliers every alternate year, starting in the 11th year
  • Option to start as early as 18 years
  • Lower vesting/maturity age of 45 years
  • Limited Pay & Single Pay – Options available in one product
  • Death benefits to the nominee which will be higher of the fund value of your policy at the time of death or 105% of premiums paid till then
  • Tax Benefits under Section 80C and Sec 10(10D) of Income Tax Act 1961


  • Pension Multiplier
  • Vesting Benefit
  • Deferment of vesting date
  • Death Benefit
Entry Age and Vesting Age
Age at entry4 Minimum 18 years
Maximum 65 years
Vesting Age4 Minimum 45 years
Maximum 75 years